Vitamin B or not to B

Vitamin B or not to B Most patients’ initial adventures into vitamin supplementation begin when they realize something is not right. They feel a lack of energy, fatigue, weight gain, loss of stamina, loss of libido or they want to take better care of themselves. Many realize our food sources are not as nutrient-dense with […]

Preventive Medicine

Preventive Medicine Dr. George Yiachos and team have been classically trained in conventional medicine and cardiology, with many years of clinical experience. It had become abundantly clear for many years that despite following all the guidelines set forth by all the medical associations, FDA, health insurance and pharmaceutical companies, the outcomes for patients have been […]


Epigenetics In your body right now, there is an intricate ballet between inflammation, oxidative stress, and your immune system that dictates how well you live, feel and thrive. Acute inflammation from an injury or illness is normal and needed but when your immune system and antioxidant system are unable to put out the fire of […]